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Zubi's: What we aren't...

Zubi's: What we aren't...

New to Zubi's?  If so, you're likely wondering what we are all about.  

Zubi's is a lifestyle.  We believe that delicious healthy foods are for everyone and our plant-based Dips and Salsa are just the beginning!

What Zubi's is:

Plant-based - We grow, produce and package our products right here in Athens, Texas on the Zubi's Farm!  

Nut-free - Because we own the facility, we know it's safe and top-8 allergen-free!

Dairy-Free - Our cattle are out in the pasture where they should be, living their best life.  

Latina owned - Zubi's is a Texas Certified Minority-owned business!

Made in Texas - We are also a proud member of the Texas Small Business Association!

Shelf-stable - Our Dips and Salsa come fresh from our farm to your pantry in shelf-stable and eco-friendly jars.

What Zubi's Isn't:

Made with soy - Most Vegan or plant-based products are packed full of soy and fillers.  Not Zubi's.  Our label reads like your weekend farmer's market list; Fresh, organic and locally grown.  

Full of allergens - We mean it when we say Zubi's is for EVERYONE.  You won't find any common allergens in our products.

Like anything you've tried before - Even those without food sensitivities enjoy our dips and salsas.

Want to taste for yourself? Use code SNACKEATZUBI and save 30% on your first order.

Still want to learn more about us?  Email the Zubi fam at so we can get to know you more.  

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