School lunch with ZUBI'S! 5 of Sarah's favorite Lunchbox Ideas.

School lunch with ZUBI'S! 5 of Sarah's favorite Lunchbox Ideas.

Back to school time is exciting, but can also be stressful. New routines, new friends and for some, even a new school, or learning at home!  The potential for stress is high and it's important for me that my twins stay on a regular schedule, with a little flexibility built in for fun and silliness!

One challenge I know all parents and caregivers struggle with is what to pack for lunch that is both healthy and delicious!  We've packed 5 lunch boxes for you below with our 4oz jars of queso, crema, & salsa to share some fun, yummy ideas! To be honest, these are equally as big kid friendly!

Stay Spicy,


1. ZUBI'S queso is packed with fresh vegetables so, technically speaking, this entire lunch box is full of fruit & veggies, and the best part is your kids will gobble up the queso not knowing they are eating fresh (organic) veggies!


2. Taco Pasta made with Queso & Fruit.  (Sorry to tease, we will share this recipe SOON!).

3. Pita Bread with Hummus + Crema!

Pro tip: Add an extra punch of flavor to plain hummus with our crema! 

4. Make your own tacos with our salsa! (This might be our favorite).  One of our littlest fans, Liam age 2, drinks our ZUBI'S salsa, it's that good!

5. Chips & Salsa, because who doesn't love that! We added in some kid faves as the fruit/veggies of course!  Have fun and color coordinate lunch!


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