ZUBI Farms (easy!) Chili

ZUBI Farms (easy!) Chili

Our all-natural, gluten-free Salsa is more than just your average Salsa...It's a pantry staple! Especially when it comes to chili & soups! Save time in the kitchen by replacing multiple ingredients with our Salsa. It is made with only the freshest, most ethically harvested produce and ingredients including a high percentage of cilantro, cayenne pepper, lime juice & amazing spices

Our 8 ingredient ZUBI Farms Chili is one for the books! 


-1 lb lean ground beef or ground turkey

-1 red or green bell pepper chopped

-2 TB chili powder

-1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

-1 8 oz jar of ZUBI’S Salsa

-8 oz water or beef broth (we use the salsa jar for quick measuring!)

-2 TB tomato paste

-1 can of black or kidney beans drained (optional)



(Makes 4-6 servings)

1. Sauté meat and chopped bell pepper & drain any fat.

2. In saucepan combine all ingredients and simmer for 10 min.

3. Serve & top with ZUBI’S Dairy Free Crema or Queso & crackers.

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