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ZUBI Farms Update!

ZUBI Farms Update!

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Welcome to spring on our East Texas Property!

Bouncing back from the freeze several weeks ago has been tedious, but it hasn’t derailed our Texas land from recovering with a vengeance.

We now see better weather with the promise of more illuminated evenings, warmer days, and mouth-watering bites that help us prime our health and figures. All three recipes below will provide a feast perfectly fit for your dining room or garden if you are still aiming for safety during this season.

Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Even with our ZUBI Farms vegetables on a delayed schedule, our seedlings are recovering swiftly with our frequent and necessary boosts of nitrogen to aid them in the process. If you have been following my planting and gardening posts, you’ll be pleased to find that brussels sprouts are the most cold-tolerant of our crops, so I have included this elevated Glazed Brussel Sprouts video and full recipe here. This will WOW as a side dish for a simple spring family dinner. To me, this recipe represents a shift in our season. It embodies survival after the freeze, and springtime cooking, and all the joy that comes with it! Yes, the kids love them all, too!

Glazed Carrots

Hopefully, this Glazed Carrots video and the full recipe will inspire you to plant carrots as soon as you can work your soil! What says joy and happiness better than the color of carrots?! There is very little, in my opinion, that can replace home-grown or locally grown produce for your palate, pleasure, and health. I don’t expect many of you aspire to farm acreage on your property, but you can quickly figure out the size of a garden needed to yield the correct quantity of vegetables if you’re itching to start your own.

Deviled Eggs

Lately, our chickens have had the worst luck. We weren’t able to use eggs from our farm for this video due to the freeze and some predators on our property. We still grabbed the freshest, organic, humanely raised eggs available in our area and delved into one of the most simple and sensational springtime recipes in this deviled eggs video. People will be thanking you for years after you introduce them to it. Eggs are packed with protein and help lay the foundation for a very sexy, swimsuit-filled summer!

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ZUBI’S Queso Glazed Baked Brussels Sprouts

ZUBI’S Queso Glazed Baked Brussels Sprouts

ZUBI’S Deviled Eggs

ZUBI’S Deviled Eggs


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