Meet Sarah

Sarah Zubiate, our founder, grew up with a similar version of "ZUBI'S Salsa" as a family staple.

Almost every meal was accompanied by salsa and incredible memories with loved ones. The time and methodical preparation her mother, Gloria Zubiate, took to prepare this recipe to her 'version of perfection' caused many laughs and gasps when Sarah would shamelessly add several helpings of lime juice and bunches of crushed cayenne to her own bowl of the salsa because "Sarah always had to do things differently".

The foods created in Sarah Zubiate's Cocina embodies all of the beauty, complexity and warmth you would expect to find in a Mexican-American home.

Over her childhood and teen years along the Texas/Mexico border, Sarah enhanced this recipe to include infinitely more flavor foods (which happen to be "superfoods") than her mother's original recipe. In true motherly fashion, Gloria now enjoys Sarah's creations more than the 'original.'

Sarah is first and foremost a devoted mother to her twins, Louis & Liliana. Adopted at birth, Sarah’s biological mother made the painful decision to give her up for adoption in hopes that she could escape poverty and live a life different from her own. Sarah was raised on the El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico border by her parents who encouraged her love of learning, nature, music, fashion and empowering others.

Now able to pursue her dream of running her own food and lifestyle company, Sarah is a firm believer in “giving back when given much.”

Sarah strives to empower diverse employees and produce products that encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle. The flavors of her recipes invoke her ideals of gratitude, health, happiness, memory-making and inclusiveness; ZUBI'S will bring her vision right to your table.