Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Sarah Zubiate, ZUBI’S is a Latina owned business headquartered in Athens, Texas- just 90 miles from Dallas, TX.

Sarah started ZUBI’S as a way to introduce healthy food into her 80-year-old immigrant parents' diets and figured if it was healthy and they didn’t know it, that would define her first bit of success. She created products that replaced sour cream & jalapeño based dips and traditional dairy based queso and to her shock, her parents loved them more than the originals.

She launched into H-E-B Central Market in 2017 and from there, it was off to the races. Sarah is passionate about accessibility to healthy foods because where she grew up in El Paso, TX there was virtually no healthy food within 15-20 miles of her home during her youth.

"The food was fantastically delicious but downright awful for you!"

In November of 2019, she launched ZUBI’S in sustainable and eco-friendly glass jars and opened a zero waste facility on the ZUBI’S Organic Farm to manufacture her products. Anything that is not harvested from the ZUBI’S Organic Farm or used in ZUBI’S products within the ZUBI’S Organic facility is donated to Free Earth Project, a non-profit co-founded by Cody Robson, who focuses on “Free Produce - Donation Only” in the East Texas food desert.

Today, the ZUBI’s Organic Farm & Facility, owned by ZUBI’S is 100% sustainable, powered by a solar panel energy field, and uses only well water.

ZUBI’S grows many of the hard to source and expensive ingredients on the land such as onions, jalapeños, and mini sweet peppers. "We are so fortunate to have the Free Earth Project Founder, Cody Robson, managing the ZUBI'S Organic Farm operations."

The ZUBI’s family is committed to farming with 100% sustainable practices and in preserving natural resources for generations to come.