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ZUBI Farms

“ZUBI FARMS is an ecosystem, based upon the mission of revitalizing our food systems and healing our bodies and planet through the utilization of regenerative organic farming, as well as sustainable, organic food in our ZUBI’S Latin Line of Food.”

- Sarah Zubiate, Founder and CEO


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The primary key in addressing our current systemic food crisis is the realization that in order to change the food system for the better, we must produce food that is filled with incredible flavors.

At ZUBI Farms, we prioritize “TASTE” as our #1 fundamental cornerstone in all ZUBI’S plant-based products, implementing strategic processes and systems to ensure taste and flavor are never compromised.

Our Founder and CEO, Sarah, and several key people on the ZUBI’s team have successfully built a one-of-a-kind facility and operation, achieved the rigorous organic certification, improved upon former, inefficient manufacturing practices, and have been proudly tackling the complex farming system of ZUBI Farms.

We strongly believe that soil health and the ‘Regenerative, Organic Farming’ movement coupled with sustainable energy efforts is THE key to improving upon impending climate and health concerns.

Being fully committed to a cleaner, better world and environment, ZUBI Farms prides itself on being a zero-waste, 100% sustainable farm and facility, preserving natural resources for many generations to come.

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