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Life in Quarantine on The Zubi's Farm

Life in Quarantine on The Zubi's Farm

(Pictured above, our pet Camel Toosey)

These are interesting times we are living in!

Just last week I married Monty, the love of my life, and this week we are tucked away with our family at the Zubi Farm; quarantined and not knowing how long we will be here.  We are so thankful for our health and the ability to get away and be in nature here with so many beautiful creatures, but we ache for so many who are sick, hurting, hungry and scared.  

I am especially thankful that we made the decision last year to build a brand new Zubi facility here at the Farm in Athens, Texas.  Not only because I am so proud of our zero waste production, but because now I can teach the kids in the morning, pack up orders in the afternoon and go fishing in the evening!  I would be lying if I didn't admit to humming the theme to Little House on the Prairie a few times!  I mean...we even ship our dips and salsa in old fashioned jars!

I am also relieved to have my products close by for healthy snacking and adding to quick, delicious recipes.  Since they are shelf stable I know we are set for a while!  The kiddos have been taking the little 4 oz jars on their daily adventures as a snack.

Yes, these are strange times we are living in, but we are living.  My hope for you is that you are discovering new online friends throughout this experience, new flavors, new recipes and going on new adventures right in your own backyard, kitchen or even in a good book.

I hope you will all continue to join me live on each day as I share a little slice of our time here on the Farm.  





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